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BBLC Parent Handbook

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Tiny Tots. Toddler Time
and Preschool
Classroom Supplies

(No need to mark names on supply items only bookbag)

1 water bottle
1 box 8 count JUMBO crayons (CRAYOLA ONLY PLEASE)
1 box wide markers 10 pack (CRAYOLA ONLY PLEASE)
2 Packages Elmers glue stick (disappearing purple please)
2 bottles liquid glue
1 package 500 count copy paper (Dollar General does not work in our copy machine)
1 box gallon bags no zipper.
1 can disinfecting spray.
1 large bottle hand sanitizer
1 package dry erase markers multi colors
1 box tissues
1 bottle antibacterial soap
1 pkg coffee filters
1 container Clorox wipes
1 box of snack crackers any flavor
1 bookbag Toddlers and preschool yours must be cake pan size with their name on it.

Giving Tree Items are always appreciated to keep costs down.
Laundry soap. dish soap, dishwasher tablets, cereal, crackers (snack or graham), pop tarts, potato chips, ketchup, ranch dressing

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