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About Us


Bright Beginnings Learning Center is a non-profit state-licensed day care center. All staff and assistants are carefully selected on the basis of their qualifications. The BBLC staff is a group of trained professionals who promote respect and understanding for individual differences by maintaining a caring and challenging environment that allows freedom of choice and exposure to new experiences for every child. Our facility was developed for the care of children while incorporating structured educational activities as a means of improving the community. The only money that operates the daycare is the money paid by the parents for the care of their children. All revenue goes toward wages, utilities, and other expenses.

We believe that each child is a unique individual and is to be respected as such, that each child is a precious, important person and needs to feel good about himself/herself; and that a child’s
development takes place in an orderly sequence.


Our curriculum is planned to foster the growth of the whole child. This includes cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language skills. Developmentally appropriate practice is fostered in all aspects of childcare. We believe that play is the medium in which young children learn. Activities are planned to be age appropriate and flexible in meeting the children’s needs. The center strives to provide an environment that is non-competitive, safe, structured and fosters curiosity. Positive experiences are essential to a child’s well-being.

Bright Beginnings Learning Center has 3 structured classrooms and an infant room. Each of these classrooms has a daily lesson plan with a structured schedule. Play is incorporated in all of our lesson plans.

We also believe that the family is the most important aspect of the child’s life. The bonding of the family is important, and the center serves as a support to the child’s family.

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