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Absence/Sick/Snow Days

It is the parent’s responsibility to phone the center when the child will not be at the center for the day. A proper staff to child ratio is required and must be maintained at all times.  Because of this, we need to know the child’s schedule and if they are not going to be present on a day they are scheduled for.  If your child does not come to daycare on a scheduled day and we have more staff than needed it will cause a financial hardship for the facility. Keep scrolling for more information.


Sick Days 

 Each child will receive 5 sick days per year.  This will be equivalent to your child regular schedule hours. Scheduled for 4 hours= sick hours of 4 hours.

A no show charge will be the cost of a child per hour for a minimum of 9 hours if not notified within 72  hours of that day.  For example – if you have one or two children that no shows it will be $33.75 each.  If you have more than two it will be $3.05 for the per child for 9 hours (3 children would be $82.35, etc.) regardless how many hours you had your child scheduled.   This will be added to your monthly bill.

We understand that kids get sick so we ask you notify the daycare prior to 7:00 am via email or text the Director. . Each child will get 5 sick days with the director recording the dates.  After the 5 days a no-show charge will be applied.  If you think your child will be sick more than one day, we suggest removing them from the following day if scheduled to avoid another sick day or no-show charge.  If you have subsequent children that parents will keep home, they will also be required to use a sick day as well.

Snow days

(Called by the Platte-Geddes School) are exempt but you must contact via email or text to the Director by 7:00 am.  Charges will apply if no contact is made before 7:00 am.


 You must give 72-hour notice for any cancellation. The 72 hours must be given during normal BBLC business hours. Weekend are excluded.

If by chance all slots are all full, you may put your name on the waiting list.  If an opening for that age group is available staff will call and notify the parent.

We should be able to accommodate for all current children at BBLC when fully staffed however, drop-ins and last-minute change requests may have more difficulty depending on staffing/ratios.

A no show fee will be added to the monthly bill per child if the child was scheduled to come and no notification was received by phone call, text or email 72 hours prior.

If you pick up your child prior to what you have down on the schedule then you will be charged for the remaining hours.  For example, you have your child written down to pick up at 5 pm and you pick up at 3 pm – you will be charged the remaining 2 hours- if a 72 hour notice was not given for schedule change.

Schedule of days your child will be attending must be submitted to the director every two weeks or by the 20th of the month.  It is a first come first serve schedule with Full Time spots filled first.


Full Time Status: 5 days per week

Part Time Status: 4 days per week

Regular Status: 3 days per week

Preschool Status (1): 4-hour shift per day 4- 5 days per week

Preschool Status (2): 4 hour shifts per day 2-3 days per week

PRN Status: 1 day per week.  This is scheduled

There is no guaranteed spot.


A two-week notification is required before a child is withdrawn from the center.  If you withdraw your child before the two weeks are up, you will still be billed for the remainder of the two weeks you had scheduled.

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